Eye of the Tiger

There are some things you can’t unsee. Like a 70 year old woman from the deep South singing Katy Perry’s “Roar” onstage to a room full of 1,850 collegiate and alumnae women and encouraging us to be our authentic selves. Like a group of your female role models who have literally handed you their faith, their love, and opportunities to grow, creating a lip sync dance party to Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” during a formal dinner. Like the pure joy and love from an older sister’s eyes when she sees you walk into a room. The awe and amazement of your collegiate chapter president when you introduce her to her National President, and her awestruck response when that woman already knows her name.

Like all good things, I wasn’t expecting these results from my time with eight collegiate women, flying into a polar vortex, during the weekend immediately preceding a major change of pace in my life. Even though I preach the values of sisterhood, leadership development and the high ideals of confidence that this organization gives women, I didn’t connect the dots and realize that this weekend in sorority land woud give me the confidence I would need to face in the incoming week with intention and a brave heart.

Before I left I sent a text message saying that while I wasn’t complaining, I woud pay money for Kappa Delta’s significant investment in me and the chapter that I love to come on another weekend. Surely I could’ve used this weekend to relax, prepare, get a massage, etc.. But no, the flights were paid for and my girls were counting on me. And now, sitting on this plane flying over the Rocky Mountains, I realize that the timing was perfect.

Incidentally, I didn’t realize how much productivity could be achieved in 4 hours in a contained space without internet. In my serene window seat, I’ve peacefully mapped out a detailed time period breakdown of my week by day, written a shopping list, drafted all emails and created an action plan for a new initiative and read a 40-page regulatory document. Obviously I need to travel more often so that this happens more often. With much still to do I’m excited to be home with my pup in a few short hours, but I can rest assured that Corre Anding Stegall helped me leave NCTA seeking that which is Truer, Wiser, more Faithful, more Loving and more Noble – and with the eye of the tiger.