Pass the cranberries and let’s say grace

Another year, another successful contribution to the District 9 Thanksgiving luncheon. The holidays can be difficult for an anoretic (person who is anorexic), and I’m not immune to that.

Each year since 2011, I’ve volunteered to make the turkey, rolls and gravy for the D9 staff. 2011 was my first turkey ever, and I was pretty proud of that bird. 2012 was harder – the bird was even more perfect than before, but I didn’t want to eat it…at all. I didn’t want to eat anything.

This year I’ve focused on being more intentional and ceremonial about food and it’s helped me to value my nourishment and my time more – but holidays are still hard. This year I opted to slow cook my turkey, add pomegranate poms and infused my tasty cranberry sauce with cloves, and change up my rolls to a 9-seed whole grain dough. It was amazingly rich but fairly light.

Still though – it took a lot of mind power to not fall victim to the skinny devil on my shoulder. My shoulders have been heavy lately so I was more than excited to come home this weekend, even though that trip would mostly consist of…eating.

Somehow those concerns got lost in the hillscapes and painted skies on the drive home, and were completely forgotten with the sound of Landon’s voice when he paid me a surprise visit. “Annie? Annie I’m here!”

Music to my ears.

Also, my doggy-daddy passed the CA Bar, which added a bit more lightness to my step.