Growing Pains.

In the summer of 2008 I grew a lot. People grow everyday, but there was something about that time period that stands out six years later. Perhaps I’m suffering from some emotional-memory congruence, but that growth spurt didn’t seem so painful. Along that path from yesteryear, I came across a southern gentleman named Chad, who confronted every passing crossroads with a single question; “What did we learn?”

Meant for teenagers at the time, but applicable now – and probably always. This has been a hard stint, but a blessing nonetheless. I learned and am learning. The challenge now, is remembering the lesson.

1. Balance is impossible, but parameters are a great equalizer.
2. When focus is an issue, prioritize reflection.
3. A shared vision is necessary to enter into the implementation realm.
4. I have a very wise gut and I should listed to it.
5. Comparison is the thief of both joy and excellence.
6. Perspective and confidence are symbiotic.

7…this still isn’t home. If traveling around this fair city and talking to residents of every walk of life didn’t make this feel like home, nothing is going to. It’s time to stop waiting and hoping for this area code to click into place for me.