A Return Trip

Sunday marked a return to an old routine: sustenance sunday. Beautiful weather, a cuddly pup and a day that started with a growing friendship. We went to an old church in a new location, and there were lots of moments of comfort without the hallelujah chorus. But more on that later.
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Every now and then I freeze mixtures and individual ingredients hoping that when I need them they’ll come in handy. This week is that week. Thankfully there was chipotle butternut taco filling in the freezer and some grilled Fresno State sweet corn that I barbecued and cut off the cob over the summer. I finally figured out the pesky mixture of masa flour and water and salt and lime to make corn tortillas that reminded me of the taco truck at Manning and Hwy 99, sans lard.

This morning I visited the farmers market with the intention of buying cherry tomatoes and rainbow chard (which I did) but I also found these darling little eight ball squash. Steamed and stuffed with quinoa, roasted tomatoes, zucchini, onion and garlic, topped with parmesan, these little babies will make for a very cute meal.

I love roasting tomatoes. They’re so much better than store bought tomatoes laden with oil or packed with silica (gross) and they make the house smell so autumny.

Adding my rainbow chard to the base stuffing from the eight balls and roasting pine nuts on the parchment paper from the tomatoes, we have quinoa salad with homemade cannellini beans.

Perhaps later this week I’ll use the rest of my rainbow chard to make these polenta pizzas. But for now, the sun is still warm and this kid is looking forward to a w-a-l-k.

photo 1

It’s good to be back.


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