At Last

Spring has sprung. I only know that because allergies abound; really it feels like the early part of summer. As Winston and I were taking our leisurely walk this evening, the cool breeze was seeping through my chunky-knit sweater and the sun was setting, and after an incredibly long week I felt some peace. 

The last six weeks have been a growing experience. If nothing else, I now know my limits. Jumping from effort to effort with little to no time to focus is exhausting and I need to find a better balance of self care. Moreover, I need to find a path forward that includes less focus on the “overwhelmed” narrative. Sometimes fake it ’till you make it means convincing yourself that you’ve got it all under control, I guess. 

The other lesson is maintaining perspective and being kind to oneself. Through it all I still have found ways to make hummus from scratch, have most of my meals made from scratch, and Winston still has homemade organic almond butter in his Kong. I feel like a failure more often than not, but that’s only because I don’t have answers to everything – not because I’ve achieved any less than I did two months ago. 

At dinner tonight with two of my three advisor counterparts, I had an opportunity to rest in the company of wonderful women and look back on what we’ve built over the last three years. Looking back to the moment standing on our stairs when my roommate asked me to join the board, I never would’ve guessed that three years later the chapter would’ve grown by 30 women, that I would be the Chair, or that we would be property owners about to embark on a phenomenal journey. Never. And now, here we are…writing checks to architects. 

Next week could be the beginning of an entirely new journey, or maybe it won’t be. Either way, I’m a lucky girl with a sweet pup, wonderful friends and family, and the privilege of turning another year older. At last. 


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