Rio, a five inch stiletto and a little bit of flare

What I wouldn’t give for some heat. Friction that isn’t internal to my person.

Give me a blazing sun, wind that whips my hair and an attitude to go along with it.

Give me my passport and a boarding pass and I’ll meet you in Rio in May for the Cup. I’ll take my whiskey neat, my sunglasses oversized and a night of salsa dancing that makes me forget that the world is sleeping.

Cayenne. Give me something cayenne.
Radient Orchid? A year has never been so mis-matched.

2014 needs to come fast and run hot. The change needs to be swift because my arms and heart and eyes are open and ready to start something new and be immersed in the next chapter of life and love. I need to walk into it feeling fabulous and walk through it with grace and as much balance as high heels can muster. I can’t do the sweet floral kisses anymore. No. No, 2014 is going to be full of spice and the rest of December is going to be full of hot chocolate.

I still believe our old motto: “forget your resolutions and start a revolution”. Still.


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