forever will never be long enough for me

Today was an exceptionally wonderful day – I can’t quite get over how wonderful it was. In fact, the last two days have been amazing. I’m exhausted, and I’ve been trying to fall into slumber for 30 minutes, but it seems that sleep won’t come until I unleash these thoughts. Maybe that’s the universe’s way of coaxing me into memorializing this notion to read on a day that doesn’t shine as brightly.

Friday afternoon presented with Secret Service and the San Francisco Fairmont as two of my favorite (and fierce) legislators took the stage at the Emily’s List luncheon. Few people speak to my soul in the way that Wendy Davis has come to speak, and having been a long-time fan of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, it couldn’t get much better. But then it did, because I was in the presence of the local advocate community that I have really come to love. I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to work with such great women at such a young age and space in my career. The luncheon panel was real and the conversation was genuine, and the company couldn’t have been better. After a whimsical drive back down 280, I got to cuddle my sweet baby and greet my best friend at my door.

A white-light and blush filled night on an outdoor patio quickly turned into a sleepy-eyed morning at the SCCDP Call to Action that I was blessed to have a front seat service-learning role in. Again, the conversations were real and the people were genuine. It didn’t hurt that a sweet man reminded me that I’m worth supporting, but I need to value myself enough to ask people for help and let them in when they agree to do so. Running off from the Call to Action to jump into Jodi’s car and coast up to the City was perfect, and the conversations with the woman I once taught to play clarinet made my heart happy.

I met my best friend in Kindergarten, and I think that I’ve finally realized how profound that is. My childhood friends know me better than anyone – partially because they’ve known me longer than almost anyone. We no longer share a home, or hobbies, similar schedules or teen crushes like we used to. We don’t talk weekly – or sometimes even monthly – but the love that exists there allows us to pick up where we left off.

Seeing Jodi last weekend was a blessing. Seeing Britt and meeting little Beau was more than I could’ve hoped for. Snuggling up to Ben made my heart happy, and whiskey tasting with Steven validated that we’re “real adults” now. Watching Brandon let a sweet woman into his life makes me smile, and the amount of milk that Jay drinks still astounds me.

Walking the streets of SF, hailing taxies, getting lost in taffeta and tulle and debating over veil shapes and “sparkle ratings” seemed to happen seamlessly. The shops were bright, the women assisting were helpful, and the choices were endless. And then…an hour after the last store closed and in the midst of quite a bit of angst between a fit and flare and a mermaid, my eyes welled up with tears.


My best friend is getting married to her best friend – and twenty seven dresses later, she found her dress.

My eyes teared up at least five times as we talked about alterations and covered buttons and train length. We fit her with her veil and before my eyes she became a bride. So we dropped into my favorite North Beach spot and popped a bottle of champagne, spent time chatting about high and low variations in centerpieces and seating arrangements – and she was glowing.


Gelato, the Bay Lights on the bridge, tea and more chatter about life as we know it, she’s still glowing. It makes me so happy and hopeful to see her in that space.

My heart is full – what a blessing to witness, interact with, and join in – from activism to alterations and a whole lot of love.


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